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World of Reiki: A Guide to Understanding and Learning Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy medicine.  Although it is said to have ancient roots, Reiki's development as a modern form of energy healing can be traced to Japan in the 1920's.  According to the legends that have grown up around the practice of Reiki, Mikao Usui had a sudden flash of insight into the power of healing energy which he called, Reiki. From this remarkable event, Usui developed the fundamental approach to Reiki energy healing.

The word Reiki actually comes from two Japanese words, rei and ki. Roughly translated, Reiki means universal life energy. Practitioners of Reiki believe that this form of energy flows in and around everyone and everything in the universe. Reiki practitioners also believe that are non-physical components to all illnesses. The purpose of a Reiki healing session is to channel additional life energy, or ki, to the person who suffers from some type of physical, mental, or spiritual trauma. The additional energy clears blockages and establishes an increased, and more efficient, flow of energy within the person. As this occurs, true healing can begin.

While the practice of Reiki may, at first, seem mysterious, the average person can learn Reiki in a matter of days. It does not take a brilliant mind or extensive, formal education to learn Reiki.  Instead, the keys to learning and practicing Reiki are simple.  Students must have a willingness to learn the techniques of Reiki and a sincere intent to develop their healing powers over time.  Importantly, a student of Reiki must have access to another individual who has already mastered Reiki. This person, a Reiki Master, helps the student learn the required Reiki techniques and attunes the student to Reiki energy (see the Learn Reiki page for more information on learning Reiki and the elements of formal Reiki training).

People who have mastered Reiki, believe that it can be applied usefully to a wide range of physical and emotional problems.  Perhaps because Reiki is a non-invasive approach to healing,  it has become a popular addition to traditional forms of medicine.  It is one of several alternative healing therapies that has been studied by the US government.  Today, practitioners of Reiki energy healing can be found in both traditional and non-traditional clinics throughout the the world.

As you explore this website, you too will discover the attraction of learning and practicing Reiki.



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